Digitalized or Digitally Wasted? The Dawn of Digital Lean Manufacturing and the Future of Lean Thinking and Practice

We’re very sorry, but due to last-minute personal circumstances, today’s webinar by Dr. Daryl Powell has been cancelled. 

The true promise of Lean Production is still enormous. Those that have successfully adopted it have witnessed errors and defects cut in half, labor productivity soar, and product development times slashed. Research also shows that lean companies in comparable industries are at least 50% more profitable than their non-lean counterparts. But why do more than 90% of lean implementations fail? Essentially, it boils down to our attitude towards learning.

In this presentation, Daryl Powell will present Lean Production as an education system. Before we change the way we do things – either with (or indeed without) digital tools – we must first change the way we thinkLean Production presents us with a set of principles and practices to encourage everyone to think more deeply, and learn, by constantly trying to improve things – seeking a better way, together, small step by small step. Please digitalize responsibly!

Dr. Daryl Powell is chief scientist and research manager at SINTEF Manufacturing and adjunct associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of South-Eastern Norway. He was recently awarded the honorary title of Professor of Practice by the University of Wales Trinity St David in the UK. Daryl has over 15 years of experience in guiding and studying lean transformations in a wide range of companies in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. He is also an award-winning lean author, having received the Shingo Research Award for The Routledge Companion to Lean Management (2017) and the Shingo Publication Award for The Lean Sensei (2020).

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Dr. Daryl Powell

Chief scientist and research manager at SINTEF Manufacturing